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Stay Protected in Cabs

Everything one needs to know to stay safe while travelling in a Cab.

Self-Defence Using Pepper Spray

Safety in situations like a Kidnapping Attempt using a Pepper Spray.

"People are really enjoying the Dance Fitness Sessions with Cuttlfish. They are doing a great job"

  • Megha Khurana, HR Associate, Channelplay Limited

"...Self-Defence techniques were demonstrated and subsequently each participant was tested on these. The practical approach and confidence bolstering kept the participants fully involved and engaged"

  • Shambhavi Solanki, VP-Corporate HR, Policy Bazaar

"The Breathing Workshop by Cuttlfish was really refreshing, our employees learned how to stay fit and improve immunity with the right breathing patterns and home exercises."

  • Monicca Goyall, HR Director, Indifi Technologies

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Sanshinkan International Martial Arts