Lets Breathe

Simple Breathing Patterns to Boost Oxygen Level

Level of Oxygen is the First Parameter

It not only shows our physical health but also the state of mental and emotional health

Here's a simple activity to check our level of Oxygenation, follow the steps in the below Video.

We will help you to reach the Ideal Health with simple Breathing Patterns in One on One Session

Program In-Charge:
Neha S B

Neha is a committed holistic wellness coach. A Health Panelist for a leading wellness company and Head Coach for one of India's biggest outdoor fitness community, she has certifications like Nirvana Fitness and Breathing, Salsation Dance Fitness, Fatburn Extreme and many more.

It Just Takes 11 Minutes to learn the Patterns and Improve Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Personal Session Cost- INR 4000

Inaugural Offer- INR 999 Only

"The Breathing Workshop by Cuttlfish was really refreshing, our employees learned how to stay fit and improve immunity with the right breathing patterns and home exercises."

  • Monicca Goyall, HR Director, Indifi Technologies

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