Stay Safe in Riots

5 Important Things in a Riot Situation

The World is changing at a rapid pace,

and there's always a protest around the corner and we never know if a riot happens in a crowded space like a concert. Ask someone who has ever got stuck in a stampede or a riot, it leaves a scar for a lifetime even if one escapes the inevitable lifetime injuries or death.

Here are 5 Important Things in a Riot Situation:

  1. Stay Away from the Core and stay at the Periphery

Always stay away from the core, be it in a concert or a protest rally, stay on the peripheral that gives us the best chance to escape. Once we get stuck in the centre it gets very difficult to move out.

2. Protect Eyes and Face

In a riot situation often things start to fly and we get hit. Remember that it is ok to take some hits on the core of our body but protect your eyes and face at all the cost as that damage can be irreversible.

3. Stay Aware of Potential Weapons and Safety Places

A potential weapon in a riot situation could be anything from a trash bin to a water bottle or even cutlery. If we are aware of what could be thrown as a weapon, we have a better chance of averting the risk. Another important factor is knowing the places which may offer some safety, for example, a pillar or a wall.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

Some shoes and clothes can restrict our movement and that would mean the difference between getting stuck or hit badly. Thus, it is important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes when we go out to a crowded place be it a protest, a concert or a place of worship.

5. Never fight with Police

The last but very important point is to never fight with the Police as these days most such incidents get recorded in a CCTV or someone's mobile phone and then these can be treated as a piece of evidence against us. Be supportive, mention your views but never fight.