APRIL 05, 2020

Lets Talk Fitness During Lockdown

Congratulations! We just overcame the first week of lockdown in India.

How did it go for you? I am doing ok so far.

I can go on about my schedule-reading, house chores, playing but this isn’t about me. Let's talk about fitness during the Lockdown.

Let's break the fitness down to digestible parts:


What have you stocked up? Don’t tell me its all chips and cookies. We have all heard abs are made in the kitchen first. I would say 70% in Kitchen and 30% with the exercises. Here are a few essentials:

  • Your mind might play tricks and ask you to eat sweets. It's PANIC-> EAT SWEET-> RELAX routine that is built inside, next time your brain tells you this, remind it you know the drill and it will calm down.

  • A healthy diet is simple homemade food, freshly eaten.

  • For once enter your daily food intake in an app like Samsung Health (Android | iOS) and know the nutrition breakdown, once you know you can improve. Remember you can improve what you can measure.

  • Follow a routine, every 3 hours is good and if you ever eat sweets, take it as one of these meals

  • Drink enough water and remember to walk and take it for yourself and wash the glass, you are doing it right ‘wink’.


Have you been watching Ramayan on TV? Well, even if you are not, you would remember the sages sitting in perfect postures. Well, now science has proven that mind is a muscle and can be made stronger. Try doing even 1-minute meditation every day, the key is to get your mind to focus on your breath again and again while the mind tries to wander everywhere else, keep bringing it back. Simple, is it?

Reading or acquiring some new skills will also develop a sharper mind.


Have you been exercising regularly? More importantly, have you been posting your home workouts, the world seems to be divided into Post and Not to Post. Here’s a quick exercise recommendation:

  • Strength: Do Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, Crunches, grab bottles and do some weights

  • Flexibility: Yoga helps

  • Skills: What skills have you been doing, keep practising your skills - shadow boxing, football, dribbles, skating whatever is your game. Are not into any specific skill? How about cleaning the house rigorously?

Are you loving the birds, pollution-free skies or getting restless at home. Tell me how is it going for you, would love to hear?

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Stay Safe, Stay Inside. This too shall pass!