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Self-Defence for Times to Come

Knowledge to Stay Safe for the Times to Come

We know the world is going to be an even tougher place from here on. This program gets the women to take it on with practical real-life self-defence training with the best program design in the world.

Do you have the knowledge to overcome these situations? Check out the below video

If Your Answer is None, Maybe 1 or 2 and even Almost All. We can help you get the Confidence with Right Training.

Program Designed with:
Sanshinkan International

Sanshinkan International is world's most evolved organisation when it comes to Self-Defence. Sanshinkan is the global expert in hand to hand combat, military and civilian self-defence. Cuttlfish partners with Sanshinkan to bring the authentic knowledge just for you.

Every Session will cover a unique Self-Defence technique taught one-on-one Online. Remember to keep a partner with you for practice.

Regular Cost- INR 5000

Inaugural Offer- INR 899 Only

"...Self-Defence techniques were demonstrated and subsequently each participant was tested on these. The practical approach and confidence bolstering kept the participants fully involved and engaged"

  • Shambhavi Solanki, VP-Corporate HR, Policy Bazaar

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